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Better Everyday Photos with Your iPhone | Flytographer Course
Better Everyday Photos with Your iPhone | Flytographer Course

Better Everyday Photos with Your iPhone | Flytographer Course

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Take your photos from “ok” to “WOW!” with our new course featuring our expert photographers from around the world.

Ready to take better photos with your iPhone? Time to stop winging it! It’s a foundational photography course taught by our community of global Flytographers covering:

  1. The technical features of your iPhone with Kimon in Santorini
  2. Composition and storytelling with Krystal in Paris
  3. Editing and organizing photos with Natalie in Honolulu
  4. iPhone videography tips with Jimmy in London

Missing international travel? Take a virtual vacation as you learn from Greece, France, Hawaii and England. The course is video on-demand so you can watch at your own pace and stop and start at anytime. 


    Duration: 2 hours

    What topics will the course cover? 

    Module 1 – Technical | Instructor: Kimon in Santorini 

    • What kinds of lenses you have on your iPhone and how to use them
    • How to use depth of field in your photos 
    • What “zoom” means on your iPhone (and why you shouldn’t use it!)
    • How to use different camera modes
    • How to capture moving subjects and eliminate blur
    • What exposure is and how to control it on your iPhone
    • What HDR is and when to use it
    • When and how to use flash

    Module 2 – Composition | Instructor: Krystal in Paris

    • Basic elements and principles of design as they relate to photography
    • What the Rule of Thirds means (and when you can break it!)
    • Why light is so important in photography
    • Why cloudy days provide the best conditions for light
    • Why setting is an important consideration
    • How bokeh can make your subject pop
    • Some tips and ideas for posing your subject and making them feel comfortable
    • Why storytelling is a great way to relive your memories

    Module 3 – Editing | Instructor: Natalie in Honolulu

    • How to cull your photos and mark them for editing 
    • What a preset is and how to use one
    • Best practices for cropping and straightening your horizons
    • What white balance means and how to use it for colour-correction
    • The difference between sharpening and clarity and when to use
    • The difference between file formats raw, jpg and HEIC 
    • How to find and use your iPhone’s built-in editing app
    • Three of our favourite editing apps and how to use them
    • How to manage your iPhone library with folders
    • How to create and organize new albums
    • How to back up your photos on your computer and the cloud
    • Ideas and tips for printing

    Bonus Module – Video | Instructor: Jimmy in London

    • How to turn your video on and what the aspect ratio will be
    • Why it’s important to shoot horizontally
    • The basics of frame rate and resolution and how/when to adjust them
    • Best practices for stabilizing your camera
    • Why you only need to record short clips at a time
    • Why it’s important to review all your clips before you start editing
    • How to use iMovie to edit your clips and build your movie
    • Recommendations for advanced editing apps

    And so much more!

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